Poster project: I love this one. We had to make a poster that the viewer would either agree with or disagree with instantly. To invoke a response immediately.

This was right after the murders at Columbine. I had the basic design but there was something missing. My family had a very bizarre and dramatic fight that night - people crying, screaming, yelling. It was rare and insane. I was so disgusted and furious over the outburst that I went home and painted blood all over the babies hands. I had my response. 
Three spreads about a bar called Lovejoy's. A wonderful dive of a bar. I wrote, laid out and shot all the photography. All photos were shot in ISO 3200 so I could shoot natural light in the bar in the evening. The spreads follow the patron through the place to the final spread the bathroom (seemed clever at the time). The toilet had an amazing graffiti wall that I shot black and white and then hand colored in photoshop with wet brush tools to make it look as vivid as the original.
Book Project: Point - Line -- Plane. The point I chose was when Galleo looked up at the stars and created observational science. The line is made up of the great scientists that followed like Kepler, Newton, Einstein. The plane of the implications is a rocket taking off - our journey to the stars and our modern society built on the shoulders of the giant who took that first step. 
Company name: Special Projects. An acoustic research company.
Poster chronically the artist and when they printed at ULAE print shop. It was an art history of printmaking class and the design piece was unnecessary but the prof loved it and I think he still has it. 
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