The creation of the Nung chair and the Klom series 
The beginning of Xeno Object
While living in Chiang Mai, Thailand I discovered a Thai spun bamboo process for making plates and bowls. While waiting at the factory for my order to be prepared, I played with an unglued disc and had the idea to make a chair. I asked Narong the factory owner if they could make one that was 1 meter in diameter. He said bring some beer tomorrow and we will see.
A 8" model used to show the concept for PUSH magazine
Narong, after our first study
Shot in the stairway at my friend's place in Bangkok - I hadn't figured out how to attach the bottom to the top yet, and gravity helped in this shot. This photo is what got me in to Metropolis Magazine's booth at ICFF in NYC.
The curve areas defined. Notice the proportions of the base were much reduced from the previous. The top and bottom were joined but not 100% straight in this photo. 
You can tell the foreman in the picture by his sandals. These guys were great and helped me translate the Thai design into the completely different Vietnamese bamboo. None of the techniques that worked in Thailand, worked in Vietnam. One would think that bamboo is similar in such similar climates but the Viets cut bamboo horizontally an the Thai lengthwise. Some of the learning process. 
Burmese writing is just amazing. It was a big inspiration for the design of the Nung chair and Klom series. I was living in the land of circles when I was working on the Nung.
Unfinished Klom series pieces
The first Nung Chair shipped out!
One of my favorite portraits - by Rune Kippervik in Bangkok. 
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