Design field research artifacts, field notes, insight and theme boards for Martell Nobilge. 
Storyboard for the "Event Starter" proposal, which was one of two feature enhancements that the User feedback led us to. The other one was the Experience Packages that Users could order and download from the Dang Dai Ming Shi ( site helping users to customize their experience with Martell. There is a huge knowledge gap in the Chinese market about how to drink, and more importantly, to enjoy Martell Nobilge. Both of these features were to respond to the user fears of being perceived as uncultured and inexperience with foreign products. 
The UX research manifest into a multi-device responsive online community promoting the concept of Dang Dai Ming Shi, modern chinese gentleman. The consumption of 'elegant' content was the focus of this development.
While the site is reasonably small, the responsive archtiecture was quite a challenge to do well. The interaction for the different screen sizes forced a review of the interface that had, admittantly, not taken into account some of the smaller screen sizes that were added later in the process. Adding the navigation on drawers was the solution to this unexpected challenge. The techincal and visual grace of this site was critical for re-enforcing the brand positioning around elegance.
The smoothness of the responsive layout lent itself to the leisure and delight of the viewer. 
Below are article details and other pages layouts.
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