A project that was pure pain but delivered.
Never in my career has there been a larger project, with more moving parts, politics, budget, and technical constraints. Sanity was nearly a casualty but we delivered. 
Seedstock User type homepage
Commercial Cattleman User type homepage
JR Breeder User type homepage
CMS driven sales information that is a combo of user entered info and data feeds
Print pdf is uploaded and indexed and searchable from within the website
Print PDF is uploaded and displayed on the web with client required page flip animation 
All show results were inputed into a legacy db2 database on a laptop at a show that was then synchronized, normalized, and displayed through our intranet to be displayed on the web in real time! Gregory LeRoy is a master coder.
All forms for the JR section were standardized and dynamically generated, and then merged into a complete handbook for the advisors.
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