After a month long battle with rice, several liters of entirely drinkable and surprisingly carbonated Sake emerge
I love rice wine. I really fell in love with it drinking Sa To in North Eastern Thailand. I was in the middle of a rice paddy, wearing a sarong, flip flops, and a parka (standard uniform in that area) with nothing to do and no one who spoke anything but rice wine, grilled chicken and stick rice - with an occasional som tam salad. After a week of this, I felt like I had developed a real relationship with rice, rice farmers, and their favorite past time. 

Being the ambitious type, I decided to start with the hardest rice wine to brew well - Japanese Sake. After a month of molds, yeasts, temperature readings, huge steaming operations I arrived at a very drinkable brew. I must not have filtered the yeast properly because all the canisters were incredibly carbonated. Luckily, we drank them all before they exploded. 
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